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2FA Security Implementation

Due to the increased faulty login and password recoveries attempts and the higher risk this will add to the safety of this site,
we have implemented Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to all accounts of this site to make them more secure.
You will be prompted to activate your Authenticator when you login to your account.
When you login the site you will have a ‘Remember me 30 days’ option to click for your convenient.

You can use any 3rd party Authenticator App on your phone to generate the code.
But we recommend Google Authenticator or the Microsoft Authenticator app
if you do not have an authenticator app in use, just search for those keywords in the app store on your phone.

Note from Amy: “I regret we had to take this action but it is to protect all the wonderful users of this site
and to make it a safer environment for anyone by hardening the login security of this site.”

Thank you.

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