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Geek Alert? or Am I actually a Geeky Girl?

I was thrilled to see today’s launch of the the Perseverance rover.very excited to see what we can accomplish it we work together. Mind you one of the best thing is to know: I am onboard the rover! well at least my name is 😁 Okay, story time.. I’m in to the ‘Mars Experience’ since … Read moreGeek Alert? or Am I actually a Geeky Girl?

New website Theme?

In the background I’ve been very busy, as I’m always busy -lol.. I’m working, together with my Tech-guy.. on a new website layout/theme for my website.And I’m wondering, what do you think?You can have a live look : Please let me know what you think, I need all the comments you have, even when … Read moreNew website Theme?