Be My Valentine 💖

Lets keep going this year on a good note and let alls the pain and suffering in the past..I feel good today, in good mood.. sun is shining, yes.. I could say even i’m feeling happy.. So? Time to do another Render Idea.. Since it’s almost Feb. 14th.. I thought it was time for another … Read moreBe My Valentine 💖

A new year, a new character. Say ‘Hi’ to Mae.

Mae Close up

Welcome to 2022! I know it’s been a while, due to ‘reasons’ for wich I can say 2021 wasn’t a good year. but, things are looking up, so let’s dive is, so to say.. Many things will go on IRL and I’m not there yet..but I’m smiling more often and I AM happy where I … Read moreA new year, a new character. Say ‘Hi’ to Mae.

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