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Almost a year gone..

And not a single post..

I would like to say I’m sorry about that.
But actually I’m not, I needed this time for myself..
Tough times, being along got to me in a stronger punch than I realized.
Don’t get me wrong here I’m perfectly fine, it’s just..
after making the “be my Valentine” renders last year.. I don’t know, something snapped..
a button got pushed.. a knob turned.. whatever you call it..
It didn’t fit, and I needed time to sort things out, financially as well as I lost my job due to all the things happened..

just in case you didn’t know, I might have not told anyone here.. I got divorced..
There I said it, and it has turned my live upside down ever since..

things as not as rosy as they were before, I go another job, which is more demanding at first because I now have to earn every penny I spend, with 2 children, read 2 extra mouths to feed, that not a good starting point as it is, but we manage..
Only regret is that I don’t have enough time and money to spend on making art these days as I did before.. yes that also hinders my creativity greatly, and my ability to explore more wonders of characters and worlds as I did before..

but, nothing is lost yet, this website is still up and running, Thank God for friends that help in the cost and maintenance to keep this place up.. Hence the ‘His little friend’ render, the last one I made in 2023.
Because everyone needs a friend and sometimes they come in places you least expect them to be.

so there are things that I have to be grateful for, still sparks that I can see.. excitements to be hold..
We have come a long way, and this is not the day to say no more..
I will try and keep up, making new renders, new stories, visions, idea’s ..
Maybe not a frequent as before, but rest a sure, they will be there.
It’s just too much going on to track is all.. too much attention divided over too many things..

But I’m still here, willing but not always able..

but here non the less..

Love to all of you,

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