I’m still here..

I’m sorry if you missed me, personal life took over..
Fighting my Depression while in lockdown..
Fighting my daemons only to find there was another one where I least expected..

I’ve won the fight, but left with the scars.. they will need to heal..
Things have changed too much, it will never be the same.. ever
So here’s to my victory…
Only asking myself is it? Why don’t I feel like a winner?

Anyway this is my first render and my first composition image.
Yes, I know I never do any post editing, but this one was asking for it..
You can’t see the tears in her eyes very well, but I tell you they are there..
And one big question in het eyes…” Why?”
I’m okay.. Heck, I did a render again.. and that says something, don’t it?

I will never be the same, ever..
but I will be happy again.. someday..
you just wait..


2 thoughts on “I’m still here..

    • Hey Raymund,
      Thank you.
      I’m getting there, It’s hard work but Every step is one on my way to recovery.
      I might tell you in person what’s been going on, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like what you hear.
      So I just say I’ve left things in the past that will hold me back, so I’m on my own now.. working on myself and going up to the sunlight 💖


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