It’s vaccination time!

After a long time of silence and a lot of work on the background I can say that I’ve got an invitation to get a vaccination against the Corona (COVID-19) virus.
Due to my physical and mental condition I was very apprehensive about getting infected.
Also my doctor warned me that if I was infected it could be very drastic and probably could mean I would not survive.

So I’ve been in a sort of physical and mental isolation that went well as I thought is did.
Until I mentally crashed. A thing that could have been anticipated but nonetheless came in like a wrecking ball, something I had to process and come to terms with.
I hope that having my vaccinations (first is next week, the second on june 23rd) does lower my anxiety and helps to get things back to normal. At least in the going out and meeting friends again department.
Been cooped up for over a year does gets to me, not meeting friends an strangers makes me unable to employ my abilities to do my ‘thing’ if you will.. I cant explain it but I’m a peoples person, I need people around me do to able to do what I do best and that is making people happy, to interact, to guide if needed or just to listen, be an shoulder to cry on, without judging.. only to find I’m the one who needs exactly that.. And that’s a weird and emotional epiphany..

But no worries, I’m good.

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